1.   All Saint Mollington The Vicarage, High Street, Cropredy, OX17 1NG Telephone: 01295 750980 All Saints Mollington dates from Norman times. It has been added to over the years and a leaflet available to visitors is helpful in spotting all the clues to changes which have been made by past generations. There are many points of interest in the church including 2 clestory windows and a nave roof dating from 1450, a 16th century tower containing 6 bells, a 17th century clock with no face and a chancel screen dating from 1485.

2.   Banbury Community Church The Innovation Centre, Mewburn Road, Banbury, OX16 9PA Telephone: 01295 255911 Sunday worship 10.30am and we meet at Broughton Hall, Banbury School, Ruskin Road, Banbury. Our aim is to help people make life work. People spend a great deal of time working but so few of us actually make our one time shot at life work for best. We want to become a kind of Church described in the Bible with relevant teaching, authentic worship, genuine friendships and compassionate care for those in need. We want to build a contagious Church that influences our community, one life at a time. Our communication style is very informal, jeans often being the order of the day, as well as being very contemporary. We want to be visual, diverse and interactive where the whole family can engage in worship and learning.

3.   Banbury Evangelical Free Church Sixth Form Large Lecture Theatre, Banbury School, Ruskin Road. OX16 9HY Telephone: 01295 257554 Banbury Evangelical Free Church was founded in 1984, as a Bible-based, Christ-centred congregation seeking to proclaim the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ and to serve Christ in every aspect of our lives, both individually and together.

4.   Banbury Salvation Army 66 George Street, OX16 5BH Telephone: 01295 262449 In our Sunday worship services we use a mix of traditional and contemporary songs accompanied by either brass, piano or backing tracks. Songs are displayed using a multi-media projector but song books are available. We have copies of the New International Version translation of the Bible for all to use.

5.   Bloxham Baptist Church Hawke Lane, Bloxham OX15 4PY Telephone: 01295 721525 Bloxham Baptist Church lies in the heart of Bloxham village. The church congregation has existed in one form or another since 1662 - that's well over 300 years! Our present church building hosts a number of services and weekly activities - both on Sunday and throughout the week.

7.   Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Bankside, Chatsworth Drive, Banbury Telephone: 01295 256848 Mormons.

8.   Grimsbury Methodist Church West Street, Banbury Telephone: 01295 262784

9.   Holy Trinity Shennington The Rectory, Church Street, Wroxton, Nr. Banbury Telephone: 01295 780980

10.   Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall, Gatteridge Street, Banbury Telephone: 01295 278556

11.  Jubilee Church Banbury Meeting at Hanwell Fields Community Centre, Banbury, OX16 1ER Telephone: 01295 273635 Jubilee Church meets every Sunday from 10.15am, our meetings are friendly, informal & lively, most people dressing casually. We give time to praise & worship God, for prayer and to teach from the Bible. The children join in for the worship, after which we provide safe and interesting activities. We are part of Newfrontiers, a family of churches joined together with common vision and values. If you want to know more about Christianity or are looking for a church, the best way to get to know us is to be our guest at a few of our Sunday Celebrations.

12.  Kings Sutton Baptist Church Wales Street, Kings Sutton, Nr. Banbury Telephone: 01295 816533 The Baptist Chapel was built in 1866 and since that time the Baptist family of believers in King's Sutton has sought to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Through repentance of sin and faith in Jesus we have experienced the love of God in the forgiveness of our sins and received new hope, power, purpose and life in Christ. As part of God's family we seek to serve our local community, nation and the wider world by offering to all the Gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ in both word and deed.

13.   Madni Mosque Merton Street, Banbury OX16 4RP Telephone: 01295 276662 Capacity: 600 (including women) The five times daily salaah in congregation in the masjid is enjoined on men, not on women. Women's salaah is expected to be discreet and private and therefore performed at home. Theme: Sufi - Bareilvi

14.   Marlborough Road Methodist Church Marlborough Road Methodist Church, Banbury, OX16 5BZ Telephone: 01295 262602 Our church is, above all, about worshiping God in an unthreatening environment with a warm welcome and a strong fellowship

15.    The Peoples Church Horsefair Banbury OX16 0AH Telephone: 01295 268351 Our mission is to bring God and people together. We want to do this by creating a church that's accessible and relevant to the needs of ordinary people that live in Banbury, by being a church for people who don't like church.

16.    The Redeemed Christian Church of God Station Approach, Banbury OX16 5AB Telephone: 07825 679044 You are welcome to the site of Light House, Banbury. We are a multi-dynamic, multi-cultural ministry of The Redeemed Christian Church of God. We are a young, growing and vibrant Pentacoastal Church. We beleive in the Birth, Death and Ressurection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. It is a place where we give God quality Praise in an energetic way. We are steadfast in prayers and practically preach the word, undiluted!

17.   Saints Peter & Paul C of E Church Swalcliffe, Nr. Banbury Telephone: 01295 780555

18.   St. Etheldred Horley The Rectory, Church Street, Wroxton, Nr. Banbury Telephone: 01295 730344

19.   St. Francis Church Highlands, Hardwicke Estate, Banbury Telephone: 01295 275449

20.   St. James Newbottle The Vicarage, Church Avenue, Kings Sutton, Nr. Banbury Telephone: 01295 811364

21.   St. Johns RC Church South Bar, Banbury Telephone: 01295 262073

6.   St. John the Baptist Church St John the Baptist Church, Bodicote, Banbury OX15 4DW Telephone: 01295 270174 The church of St John the Baptist has been a key part of Bodicote for over 800 years, supporting the community and allowing people to worship God through prayer and services. We welcome anyone who wants to join us or find out about the Anglican faith.

22.   St. John The Baptist Hornton The Rectory, Church Street, Wroxton, Nr. Banbury Telephone: 01295 730344

23.   St. Josephs RC Church Edmunds Road, Banbury Telephone: 01295 264661

24.   St. Leonard's C of E Church Middleton Road, Banbury Telephone: 01295 271008 St. Leonard's is one of the five Church of England Parishes in Banbury, situated in the East of the town in Grimsbury. The church is liberal-catholic in tradition, with a young congregation including lots of families. Our 10am Sunday service is a Sung Eucharist led by our excellent choir, with children's activities for our younger members.

25.   St. Martins C of E Church Sibford Gower, Nr. Banbury Telephone: 01295 780555

26.   St. Mary C of E Church The Vicarage, Church Street, Bloxham, Nr. Banbury Telephone: 01295 720252

27.   St. Mary Magdalene Balscote The Rectory, Church Street, Wroxton, Nr. Banbury Telephone: 01295 730344

28.   St. Mary Magdalene Wardington High Street, Cropredy, Nr. Banbury Telephone: 01295 750799

29.   St. Marys Church Adderbury 1 Mill Lane, Adderbury Telephone: 01295 810309 At St Mary’s Church Adderbury we have been offering welcome, witness and worship for over 800 years.

St. Mary's Church - Banbury30.   St. Marys C of E Church Horsefair, Banbury Telephone: 01295 262370 We try to be a welcoming, worshipping, caring, praying community at the heart of Banbury. St Mary's is shared by the Church of England and the United Reformed Church. The church is located at the heart of Banbury just two minutes walk from the famous Banbury Cross. As well as services, including weddings, baptisms and funerals, we are home to LiveArts which organises concerts and events and St Mary's Gift Shop.

31.   St. Mary The Virgin Cropredy High Street, Cropredy, Nr. Banbury Telephone: 01295 750799

32.   St. Michael Alkerton The Rectory, Church Street, Wroxton, Nr. Banbury Telephone: 01295 730344

33.   St. Nicholas C of E Church Tadmarton, Nr. Banbury Telephone: 01295 780555

34.   St. Paul's Warwick Road, Banbury Telephone: 01295 252332 St. Paul's is one of a group of five Banbury Parishes, a congregation having met in the Warwick Road church since the middle of the 19th Century. During recent years a congregation has also been established and is maintained on the Bretch Hill Estate, at the top of Prescott Avenue. The church holds to the basic beliefs of the Biblical, evangelical tradition. We believe in preaching and teaching the Good News of God's grace, the unchanged and unchanging Gospel, in a style and language relevant to the society in which we live today. We firmly believe that our town and our country need Christ.

35.   St. Peter's C of E Church The Rectory, Church Street, Wroxton, Nr. Banbury Telephone: 01295 730344