1.  Chestnut Osteopathic Practice 16C High Street, James Court, Middleton Cheney, OX17 2PB Telephone: 01295 713666 Osteopathy is a unique approach of assessing and examining the body based on the principle that the structure and function of the body are inter-related and therefore rely on each other for optimum health. As a result we treat the entire body and all the systems within it although the spine is one area which is frequently involved and therefore is often treated. It is possibly because of this that there is the general view that we treat mainly backs, but based on our main principle we can and do infact treat anywhere. A number of other complaints which we can help are: Back pain, neuralgia, Sciatica, lumbago, Neck ache, whiplash, Head aches & pains, Joint pain, Muscle spasm, cramp, Arthritic pain & Minor Sports injuries.

2.  Goode Osteopathy Ashcroft Therapy Centre, Hudson Street, Deddington OX15 0SW Telephone: 07789 740 223 Manual therapy designed to diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions. Back pain, Headaches, Trapped Nerves, Sports Injuries, Repetitive Strain Injuries, Sciatica, Arthritic pain and stiffness.

3.  Neo Health 60 Richmond Street, Kings Sutton Telephone: 01295 812573 Range of treatments available including GOsC registered osteopath, Sports Massage Association registered sports masseur and ITEC registered relaxation therapist. We offer a personal, tailored approach to helping you regain full fitness. Call us for an early appointment.Day, evening & Weekend appointments available.

4.  Shenington Osteopathic Clinic Windwhistle, The Green, Shenington, OX15 6NE Telephone: 01295 670262 Osteopathy is now recognised as an effective treatment for a wide range of painful disorders. It helps restore the function of the musculoskeletal system (joints, muscles and ligaments) The aim is to relieve pain and get you going again as quickly as possible. Patients of all ages can obtain benefit. The treatment is tailored to suit.